Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recipes and Exams!

I know that sounds like an odd combination...and it is! Curtis and I were talking about what to Blog about today, and decided that since the kids have started their end of the term exams things have been a little quiet (that is a good thing) and we don't have any good new stories!
So, we are wondering if everyone who reads our blog could send us a recipe or two. That is something we didn't pack, and are getting bored not trying anything new! Or only request for the recipes is that they don't require unusual ingredients or take too much to make! We can buy almost everything here that we can get in the states.....we are excited to start trying some new food!
Thanks in advance!
P.S. To clarify our last blog - we have a cooker (small oven and stove) they kids meals are the ones co0ked over open fire - not ours!


  1. Are you planning on using these for the kids too or just your taste bud? Have mega stuff, been working on county fair entries and we made a pear bread that is just delicious. Do you have regular pans, loaf pans, can you get foil ones to size? Of course, Tegan and Tayte are becoming master bakers too. Need eggs broken, bananas mashed--ask Tayte! Did you know you can make walnuts smaller by using the rolling pin to beat them? Tegan found that out today. Also how to shred pears on the box cutter shredder. No fingers lost either! Will work on sending some baking recipes. What is the grain crop most often available? Can you get meats and do soups? Great big floury hugs to you both--back to the baking! Joyce

  2. Any specific recipes you want me to send? Other than the recipe for discouraging ants and cockroaches according to the 'everything' book? Meatloaf, maybe? :) Deviled eggs? Pannakoeken? Let me know. Love you both!!

  3. Deviled eggs! Pannakoeken! YES, no meatloaf...can't compare to yours so i won't try :) And these are recipes for just us, not the kids...thanks! KATIE