Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie & popcorn

We have been having a movie night for each grade. The kids have been coming to our house on a weekend night to watch a movie and eat some popcorn. The kids absolutely love it. Last night was the last of the grades; we started with grade 7 and worked our way down to grade 1. It has been a lot of fun for Katie and me to be with the kids and just have fun like this. This whole thing started when one of the 7th graders asked if they could watch a movie, we thought it would be educational, so we said yes - but it would be the whole class....then the 6th graders wanted to know when they turn was, and so it started! Now that we finished the youngest kids, the 7th graders are asking again when they turn is!

Here is a picture of grade 4: starting from my left is Precious, Susan, Agness, Rachel, Namakau, and Ronald.

This picture is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. There are so few in each grade that we let them all come together. The one who is looking at the camera is Catherine (2nd grade). If you can’t quite see, they are going to town on this bowl of popcorn.


  1. How Fun! I bet they really enjoy the popcorn. Now we know what to send :) It is also fun to see a little bit of what your house looks like. It appears to be roomier than I expected. Pretty nice!
    Love you guys
    mom Kline

  2. Hi Curtie and Katie
    Wow, the kids look so good! You are doing a wonderful job with them. Thanks so much.
    We love your blog, even if we don't always comment, we talk about it every week at our AH prayer group.
    Bless you Rene'