Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anniversary - take 2!

Curtis and I celebrated our first anniversary...we had a wonderful time! We started our anniversary (July 4) by going to the Independence Day Celebration at the US Marines House here in Zambia - what a wonderful evening. We had a chance to meet other Americans, and enjoy American food, and even some fireworks.

We spent that night in Lusaka, and then traveled on (by mini-bus - the Zambian version of a Kenya matatu) to Lake Kariba to a small town called Siavonga. We stayed at a nice lodge outside of town, very isolated - which when we normally have 60 some kids knocking at our door, was the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed in a little bungalow right at the waters edge. The tide was very high from rainy season, so the trees closest to the water were currently in the water.

The first morning we were there we took a nice long walk around the whole area - there were many Baobab trees (Curtis' favorite)...these trees are huge, literally HUGE! These 2 pictures are each of us by a tree...and the picture can't do the tree justice, but you get the idea!

The next too are of the lake…first is another one taken on our walk. We decided that these boats were probably made from a branch from a Baobab tree. The big industry here, as with any lake, is fishing. The stuff in the boats are fishing nets. Later in the evening we saw someone on the lake in one of these boats - the boat is so small compared to a person that from the shore it looked like there was a man walking on the water! The second one was taken from our bungalow - that is how close we were to the water.

The picture of the two of us is special because we took one just like it on our honeymoon - that is the profile picture for the blog...I guess it has become a tradition! We had a wonderful time!


  1. I can't believe the size of those trees! Glad you guys were able to get away and celebrate!
    Miss you!
    Love you lots
    mom and dad kline

  2. We were thinking of you on your 1st anniversary. Such a happy occasion over a year ago now - and how your life together has changed in such an awesome way!! You both look wonderful and your blogs are equally so! Your grandpa, Laura and I send our love and prayers for you and all of those at the school! Susan