Sunday, July 26, 2009

A little adventure…

This morning (Wednesday) we got a phone call from the people at Protea (the Safari Lodge down the road from us) saying they had A LOT of firewood they would like to donate to us. This is a very good thing as firewood lately has been in short supply, and all the kids meals are cooked over an open fire. We loaded up the truck and some of the bigger boy and off we went.

Protea had firewood, but we had to look for it, collect it, and of course load it. This was no small job. I was out there in flip-flops, a skirt and leggings…and I came back filthy! It was fun though, and a nice change of pace. Plus, we got enough firewood to last us at least a month!

Protea is also a Safari Lodge so we got to see some of the animals there, including 4 lions! Here are three of the lions - the boys thought this was pretty cool...


  1. That's wonderful! I bet it would be an adjustment to cooking over an open fire but what a fun and great way to cook! Neat lions too. We hope you two are doing well. We'll chat soon.

  2. Hi Katie! I just found your blog and had a great time reading it. Hope you and Curtis are doing well - it looks like you two are doing a lot of good work at the orphanage!

  3. Hi Katie and Curtie
    Love Protea...that's how the other half live in Zambia! Hopefully you can go there for a day and enjoy the grounds and restaurant as well. Thanks so much for getting the firewood, bless Protea for offering it (sorry you had to load it). Always great to read your blog. Bless you Rene'