Thursday, July 2, 2009


Today is just a story - no pictures. But you can guess from the title what it is about - rats! At the center we have a few store rooms. One of the first projects for Curtis and I was to clean and combine two of the store rooms so we would have a clean place for our maize harvest to go. Well, since then each time we go in the rooms they get messier and messier - dumb rats! Well, I guess yesterday Debra had enough and decided to clean one of the rooms, during this she came and told me she had the box with the rat in it - so together we took the box outside and killed the rat (EW!). I went back inside to continue studying with the kids and a few minutes later a rat ran over my feet - literally! I watched it run into the room with our maize. I knew it was in there so Curtis and I both finished our studying time and rounded up some of the big boys - we moved all the bags of maize (each 50KG) between 50 and 70 bags, and then found the rat and killed it! By the end of all of us killing rats I think we killed 4...we know at least 1 got away (but it was just a baby). I guses that is one of the 'joys' of living so rural:)

On a much better and happier note: Nelson had surgery a few weeks ago...he is doing great. Last week had his stitches removed. He is back to being his happy little self! Thank you for all the prayers!

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  1. Gross! These probably aren't as cute as the pet rats you had as a little girl. I think it was you who brought the first one home from school having won a prize for summer. Or was it Becky? They were cute and smart.