Sunday, August 9, 2009

End Of term Celebration!

We did it! Our first term here is finished! The school here has three terms, each term has a month ‘holiday’ break in-between. Curtis and I came here during the break between first and second term. We have been here working with these kids throughout all of second term, helping them study, do homework, etc and now it is finished. On Friday we had a celebration with ALL the kids who attend school here – about 220. It started with acknowledging the work each kid did by naming their class rank, and then they got a sucker. The first picture is Martin (our youngest kid), he is getting his sucker from his Uncle Curtis!

After this was over the parents and guardians had a meeting, while Curtis and I had a HUGE craft project. It was utter chaos – but so incredibly fun! We had 2 pieces of construction paper per kid (they got to each pick the colors they wanted) and then they could make whatever they wanted. I had a few examples (a butterfly and a heart) both with designs cut out and glued on. The kids all shared their scrap pieces so each one left with at least one great project…it was really fun!

Special thanks to Deb Moorse for the construction paper and glue!

Here are some finished products (in the yellow is Mary (grade 2), and in the blue is Rebecca (grade 1)

Here are the kids working hard on their projects: (left to right) Bobo (grade 2), Namakau (grade 4), Shelly (grade 5), and a day student whose name I don’t know.

Here is me handing out paper to each of the kids – we tried really hard to get them in a line, but that just didn’t happen (like I said utter chaos)…the kids wanted to make sure they would all get paper…there was plenty, but they didn’t believe me!


  1. What an absolute wonderful day! You two are such amazing people that do amazing things. Cole and I are so proud of what you guys are doing. And we are lucky to call you family.

  2. Way to go! The first term done - time to celebrate, I hope you two get to have time for you two! UR

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures!! And, I am so glad the kids had fun with the glue and much we take for granted. Of all things, reading your blogs is a great reality check. More paper in the mail!! Also, with all the back to school sales...anything else you might like/need? crayons, pencils, notebooks...etc??

    Deb Moorse

  4. I love the chaos. It is neat to see how excited the kids get over little things because it helps me to count my blessings a little differently.

    Thanks for sharing.