Thursday, August 13, 2009

just hanging out...

From Katie:
We are on break now...many of our kids have gone to spend the break with other family...aunts, uncles, grandparents, older siblings, etc...we went from 48 kids to 7! Needless to say things have been pretty quiet for us. We are taking full advantage of this to get ready for next term, planning activities and lessons. We are also studying with the kids we have, and playing games with them. I bought some nail polish for the girls to all do their is Esther (6th grade) painting Mary's nails (2nd grade). When she finished doing Mary's fingers, Mary went to paint her toes...then mine! Nothing a little scrubbing can't fix :)

From Curtis:

One of the oldest games in the world world. Most of you will know it as Mancala, but it has many different names and versions throughout all of Africa. Here in Zambia, it is known as Nsolo, and is played on a game board twice the size as Mancala. Most the rules are the same, just slight differences. I recently purchased a game board at an arts and crafts show, and had the craftsman explain me the rules, and play a few rounds with me. He also explained to me a story that long ago in Zambia, two kings ended a bitter war, by playing this game instead of fighting. I am really excited to have a tournament with the kids this term. Here is a picture of me, Layson (5th grade) and Benjamin (2nd grade, a day student) practicing.

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