Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yard work!

One of our trees has been dead for a while and has recently fallen on the power lines. Today we decided to make it a project to take the branches down so nothing gets damaged. However, the trees grow around each other, and the branches wrap around each other with great strength. So this made it impossible to take down one part without everything else. This became the day’s project for me (Curtis), Katie and the four boys we have staying with us right now. Also, Henry, one of our secondary students showed up and began to help. We ended up taking down three dead trees and a bunch of branches.
(first picture is Samuel cutting down the first tree)
We used the trees for firewood for the kitchen, however the branches were too small to cook over so just had a bonfire with them instead. That was a good way to end the day -It was a lot of fun, as we sat around the fire and told stories. The kids really enjoyed it and it was a good reward for their hard work all day.

Every time we cut a tree down we had to guide where it fell, so it wouldn't land on the power line. In this picture is Curtis in front, in the red Layson, the short on next to him is Nelson, and the one in the black in back is Danny.

Here is Katie cutting down a tree ...

And the last picture are the only two girls left: Namakau (in the yellow) and Mary...the were enlisted at the end to rake up the last of the branches and help carry the branches over to were we had our fire. You can see the difference between the first and last picture and see how much we cleaned up! Very productive day!


  1. Wow Katie! How did it feel to have that axe in your hands? You look very strong! :)

  2. Thanks! My Dad and Curtis both said I hold and swing like a girl :(

  3. You did a lot of work! Wow - it does look different in the before and after shots. I can't believe you used an axe wearing flip flops! I thought we had taught you better than that in the BWCA! Can you get marshmellows there? It'd be fun to send some for another bonfire with the kids. What do you think?