Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life Skills Conference

These kids are Nelson (5th grade) and Abigail (6th grade). They spent the first week of their break at a conference put on by UNICEF to teach kids about HIV/AIDS and how to educate others. The conference was teaching kids the Life Skills curriculum that the Zambian Government along with UNICEF, and I am pretty sure USAID developed. This curriculum aims at reducing HIV/AIDS through education starting as young as kindergarten. I have read through some of the material, and it is very good. UNICEF came out to our school (not a small feat) to talk to the teachers about the conference, and explain what they wanted from the kids that were going to attend. It is really awesome that UNICEF recognizes our project and are working with us, this is a wonderful connection in itself to have. Nelson and Abigail were chosen by the teachers to attend the conference, and next term they will be teaching the other students, not just at the orphanage, but at the whole school! This is really cool! When the two came back from the conference, they were so proud and eager to show us their certificates and tell us what they had learned.

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  1. Tell Nelson and Abigail congratulations! They sounds like good Kids!
    Mom and Dad kline