Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Big Purchase!

A few weeks ago Curtis and I were at a market looking for some supplies for the kids. While we were there we were also looking in some of the craft booths – just for fun. Tucked in the very back of the market there was a man selling paintings that were very different from all the others – very original, very fun! We gawked at them and told the artist how talented he was, and Curtis found one that he really liked. BUT we weren’t buying any that day, we really were just looking. Since that time Curtis and I had talked about it and were pretty sure we wanted to go back to that artist and buy the painting…well every month there is a special market, people come from all over the country to display their art and crafts – a huge hit for us foreigners! We walked in this market and there was our friend from the other market, he remembered us and told us he had the painting that we liked so much…we bought it! To buy a painting for ourselves is very unlike us – but we have it proudly displayed on our living room wall (the kids love coming in and staring at it).

Here is Curtis with the painting…you can see the flash on the picture, but you get the idea of the picture: A group of Africans playing a marimba.


  1. Hi Curtie and Kate
    I happy to hear you like's not bad when you get the hang of forming it into a scoop. Loved the stories of the kids and the adventures. I happy to see that you are doing some fun things for yourself as well. We keep you and Debra and the children in our prayers!
    Bless you...Rene'

  2. Nice Picture! Can't wait to see it in person. Hey Curtis, your blonde hair is back, yeah! You look so good! Thanks for sending pictures and updates! It would be fun to have a picture of you and Katie together :)
    We love you guys very much
    mom and dad Kline