Thursday, May 28, 2009

Africa Freedom Day

Curtis here again...

Monday May 24th the kids had a day-off of school, so we could celebrate Africa Freedom Day. We started in the morning with a lot of singing and dancing. The kids all had a lot of fun with this. There was also a little poetry, a quiz, and a lot of games. All the kids and all the teachers participated to make the day a lot of fun.

In the picture are (left to right) Mary (2nd grade), Wendy (1st grade), Ireen (3rd grade), Rebecca (1st grade), and Lydia (2nd grade). These are “Chitanga” dresses, specially made for the girls for the celebration.

This picture is of (left to right) Ng’andu (6th grade), Pamela (5th grade), Abigail (6th grade), Esther (6th grade), and Harriet (5th grade). They read us poetry about what freedom means.

This picture is one of the opening dances, led by Muti, the one who helped us with the ants.

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