Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rhythm of Life: Dancing to a Healthy Beat

On Saturday, Curtis, Debra, and I got to go to a Rhythm of Life Festival…we also got to take two of the kids with us. Curtis and I got to pick which kids came – we picked based on how the kids were doing during our study time. We brought Shelly – grade 5, and Samuel – grade 7. These two have been really on-top of their studies, attending every day, and just all-around being good kids.

The Rhythm of Life: Dancing to a Healthy Beat Festival was very fun. The whole day was a free concert, many bands, some acting troops, and other entertainment. It was sponsored in part by USAID, so there was also a tent with all sorts of information, lots of free pamphlets and booklets, which will be great tools when teaching the kids.

We sat and listened to the music all morning. Curtis was teaching Shelly how to use our mini-video camera and I taught her how to use the camera – she thought they were both pretty cool. We took a break for lunch and were walking towards the food vendors when all of a sudden Shelly turned to me in a panic and said “where is the camera, I need the camera, where is it?” I was so confused and told her I had it and she could play with it again after lunch…she persisted and seemed very urgent – so I gave it to her. She started taking pictures of these two, young, good looking men. I asked her if she knew them, and she said she did and they suggested I take a picture with them, her, and Samuel, so I did. Apparently these two men are the Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt of Zambia – a pretty big deal! (I had no idea!)

The first picture is me (as per my parents’ request) with Shelly and Samuel. Shelly got her face painted at one of the booths – it was a festival after all!

The second picture is Shelly and Samuel with the two famous guys (I still didn’t get their names).


  1. Hey! Glad you had a good time at the festival. Sounds like Shelly and Samuel had a great time too. I bet the kids were thrilled to get their picture taken with Zambian celebrities. We love to hear what is going on. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    God Bless you both
    Love mom and dad Kline

  2. What a great and technology. Do the kids have any computer exposure/experience? Still waiting to hear on the paper, before I send the next has been a month!! Godspeed to all you are doing!
    Deb! and Ben! and Ry! and John!