Thursday, May 7, 2009

Guitar Lessons

Everyone seems very interested in Curtis’ guitar! We have used it to sing some songs with the kids during our devotions. On Sunday we didn’t bring it (too many new kids and too much to go over we figured it would be more of a distraction) and all the kids who had been around for the break were asking where it was. On Sunday a couple of the teachers who also live on the compound came to our house and said they wanted to learn to play…so of course Curtis gave them a lesson. After about half an hour they both had the G chord down. (We told them next time they come there would be a test.)We will start music lessons with the kids in a few weeks, once the school schedule is all figured out.

In the picture Moonde (pronounced moan-day) is holding the guitar. He is a new teacher here, he moved in the Wednesday after we did. He teaches sixth grade. He is really nice, and had us to his house for lunch on Saturday. He lives right across from us. (From our bedroom window to his is about 20 feet). The other man in picture is Freedom. He now teaches fourth grade. For those of you who knew Curtis and me from Kenya or have heard our stories from Kenya – Freedom has EXACTLY the same personality as Elvis (Curtis’ neighbor in the dorms). For those of you who don’t know (or know of) Elvis, this is a very good thing! Freedom is very outgoing, great with the kids, and very friendly to us. Freedom is currently living in the back of one of the classrooms.


  1. This is awesome! Curtis you inspire so many people to play guitar. Your best man didn't play any instruments until he met you and now he studies music in college. I miss you guys

  2. This is great! You guys have only been there a couple weeks and already you are so inspiring! I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you guys do. God is working such miracles in your lives.

  3. Wow! Maybe you can start a band. :) Can you find out if there are any guitars for sale in Lusaka. I bet we could get some money rounded up to purchase a couple guitars. Let me know what you think.
    We love and miss you guys.
    mom and dad Kline

  4. How fun! I've heard it said that music is the universal language... so it could come in handy! :) Glad you updated your blog. We look forward to reading about your life there so we can 'stay in touch' in a virtual sense at least. We miss you lots, and love you even more. Mom and Dad Andert

  5. That "you" is plural, by the way -- and I should probably change my AIM name, huh?! What sort of alliteration would go with "Zambia"?

  6. Curtie and Katie
    Music is their love...thanks for sharing this gift with the teachers as well as the students.

    Hope you're settled in "the little house"