Thursday, April 30, 2009

The last few days

When a kid asks, “why did God create us” or “why do people kill each other” how do you answer? Well, last night Curtis and I had devotions and decided before we could lead very many of these, we needed to know where these kids are at spiritually (what they have been taught). We read from Proverbs 2, saying God wants us to gain understanding, and seek understanding. We told the kids that they could ask any questions they had about God, the Bible, Jesus, or anything else faith related, and in the following devotions and Bible studies we had we would address the questions one at a time…in thirty minutes we had 52 questions! I just kept writing as fast as I could – now we have our next 52 weeks planned J Curtis and I both went back to our little home pleased with the kids, and their deep desire to learn.

On Tuesday afternoon Curtis and I decided it was a good day for a game day! We played Ultimate Frisbee (thank you Rene for the Frisbees), Duck, Duck, Ostrich (they didn’t know what a goose was, so we modified the game), Four Corners, and several name games. We all had a blast, and when we checked the time it had been four hours (and we couldn’t move anymore)!

This picture is during Ultimate Frisbee. Notice the kids are all playing barefoot, I don’t know how they do it…but it doesn’t slow them down at all! (Curtis thought he could do it too, but that ended with gigantic blisters and a funny limp! – maybe with more practice.)


  1. Ultimate Frisbee is a great game! I am jealous of what you two are doing! All the best and I will keep checking your blog for updates! Have fun and be safe!

  2. aah!To have faith like a child. You guys will teach these children alot, but I'm guessing the children are going to teach you as well.
    We love you and miss you! Tell Nelson and Wendy hi from us. Well, tell all the children hi from us! love mom and dad kline

  3. You guys are off to a busy start! What fun! We got the email update this morning and it looks like you guys are going to have your hands full with a ton of great things! Your big brother is so proud of you Curty! Well we both are proud of both of you! We love you!

  4. Thank you for the email yesterday. I hope you have had a wonderful birthday celebration, Katie ... your first in Zambia! Looks like things are off to a wonderful start. It'll be fun to see that video once you are able to post it. They obviously have been waiting for you, and it seems you have found "the work that God prepared beforehand for you..."
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Katie!! God bless you both. Love to both of you!

  5. Hello
    I am showing Aunt Becky and Uncle Walt how to post a comment. We all are thinking of you and miss you! Love mom and dad kline

  6. Great to see God's hands at work! I'm thinking shoes would be a must :)
    Continue to share the Word!

  7. It is so wonderful to read about how you are doing and your experiences! Thank you for sharing this time in your life with all of us! You are ALL in our thoughts and prayers!Love, Grandpa Ray, Susan and Laura

  8. Lee & PhyllisMay 5, 2009 at 10:41 AM

    We think about you kids over there a lot. You are certainly involved in great work & such good ambassadors for the United States.
    We have your site on our computer & will look forward to following your life experiences.

  9. Hi Katie and Curtie
    So happy to hear you have been playing frisbee...they love that!
    God certainly answered our prayers bringing you both to our little mission!
    Bless you for the love you are giving out kids.