Sunday, April 26, 2009

We made it!

We made it to Zambia safely! The flight was uneventful, which when traveling is the best way to go. Some of you may know that Curtis and I were coming here without a visa, a source of some concern, there is always the chance that immigration might not let you into the country…well, we got in just fine! They didn’t even ask to see our paperwork that we stressed so much about getting complete before we left!

We arrived in Zambia Thursday morning about 6:30, we stayed in Lusaka and ran errands until around 2 and then came to Upeme – about an hour drive from Lusaka. While we were running errands the kids were at Upeme preparing a welcoming program for us…it was so sweet! They sang, danced, gave a speech, and prayed; and did a wonderful job making us really feel welcome. (We tried to upoad a video but today it wouldn't work, so we will try again later, sorry!) We really have wonderful kids here. Not all the kids are here, they are in-between trimesters now, so some of the kids are staying with relatives for the break…right now there are about 30 here. A week from Monday school will be back in session and the rest of the kids will be here.

We had a first, on Saturday Debra, Curtis, and I went to get vegetables. As we left Debra asked if one of us wanted to drive – so Curtis drove! After only having been here 2 days Curtis drove to the market…our truck is a standard, driving on the left side of the road, steering from the right – which means shifting with your left hand…Curtis did a great job! I guess soon that means I will have to do it too!


  1. Bravo!! Great things are happening in your lives!
    The first box of 48 glue sticks and package of 200 sheets of construction paper has been mailed!
    Susan clued me in on the glue sticks :)> Plans continue for our trip to work with you next summer. We are planning for the last two weeks of June...which I hear puts us out of the maize harvest. God's blessings to you, your work, and the children. Deb!

  2. How fun to read your wonderful accounts of your first few days there! Now that I know you'll be updating your blog, I will check it regularly. I'm so glad you posted a picture of the kids already. It's good to see them and you! Our prayers, hugs, smiles, and laughter are with you. Love to both of you ~ And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the close of your birthday, Katie!! What an exciting way to begin the next year of your life!!! Love always ~ Mom