Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lion's Club Donation!

In this picture is the Lion’s Club donating a lot of text books, work books, blankets, laundry soap, and salt, to the school and orphanage. The man in the yellow is the President of the Lion’s Club, and the man in the white excepting the donations along with Katie is Mr. Mwanakasale (the Headmaster of the school). It was a very good time; in their appreciation of the donations the kids sang a few songs. The most exciting part was listening to the members of the Lions Club talk about their goals for some future donations to bring here to Upeme. Hopefully we can keep in contact with them and make sure this happens. The donation they brought this time were worth about 3.5 million Kwacha which is around $700.

On an unrelated note, the boys are in big trouble (haha). They had killed a large snake at some point during the day; I saw some carrying it around. While the Lions Club was here I ran back to the house to pick up the camera, and saw a very large snake that looked like it was slithering its way underneath our door, into the house. I quickly remembered seeing the boys with it earlier and went and got them to pick it up and throw it down the latrine. I told them all they were lucky I was the one who found it and not Auntie Katie.

One more thing, we ask everyone to keep Nelson in their prayers as he is going into surgery on Wednesday June 17th for a Hernia. It shouldn’t be a very big deal, but any surgery has risks involved, and it is always helpful to

have as many prayers as possible. We will keep you posted on his recovery.


  1. Nelson is so cute. I can't wait to meet him. Pretty cool about the Lion's Club. I wonder how they raise their money?
    You guys are doing great!
    Love you much
    mom and dad Kline

  2. Boys will be boys! I bet they thought the snake was going to get a good laugh. We'll be thinking and praying for Nelson as well.