Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just hanging out!

Well, sometimes exciting things don't happen...just everyday life! Here are some pictures of us just hanging out, the kids just hanging out, etc! This first picture is Ruthie and Rachel cutting a fruit (or maybe vegetable). I was teasing them one time because they were eating them and hadn't offered to share with us and had picked it from right behind our house. Well, the next time they went searching for it they brought us some! They had to show us how to cut it because it is like holding a ball of nails! Tasted exactly like a cucumber.

The girls love having their picture taken - in the orange shirt is Precious, with the bucket on her head in Wendy, being hugged is Irene, hugging Irene is Catherine, and holding the flowers is Rebecca. So cute and so happy!

Me with Rebecca and Wendy...

Us again!

All the younger girls from the first picture with Curtis. They LOVE giving us flowers that they pick from our bush and putting them in our hair - Curtis is a good sport :)

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  1. Curtis you are a good sport! I can't wait to show this picture to your brother so he sees what to look forward to with Cameron. :)