Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dirty Hair

Part of our jobs is to make sure the kids are all keeping their hair brushed and washed. Sounds kind of silly, but it has been some what of a problem. Since we have been here the girls have been great, and the older ones brush and style the younger ones’ hair. But the boys…at the beginning of the term one of the teachers shaved many of their heads. (I am still angry at him for doing this) He didn’t clean the razor in-between and consequently many of the them got infections. I have been washing those boys’ heads with a special medicated shampoo and putting a special cream on after. I think the boys like the extra attention from me :) I have a system now, and I can wash about 20 boys hair in just over 30 minutes!

Here is a picture of me washing Gadrose’s hair, and Winford watching and waiting for his turn. I wash the hair outside and save all the water for flushing my toilet later. Curtis and I try to only flush with ‘gray’ water, water we used for bathing, washing dishes, and now water I save from washing the boys hair!


  1. Curtis and Katie, I just read your whole blog, and was delighted to read about your adventures in Zambia so far. Thanks so much for getting this address over to me Curtis. I'll certainly be following along from now on, and if you guys ever have a position for a photographer open certainly let me know:) Blessings, Bryan

  2. Hi Katie and Curtie
    So pleased to hear you're teaching the children the importance of hygiene. It's a tough lesson for them to understand. Katie, I'm surprised the girls have not yet braided your hair :0) As always we are so grateful for the work you are both doing with our kids.
    God Bless you....Rene'