Friday, June 26, 2009


Over the last week or so our relationships with the kids have really bloomed. I think they are realizing that we are here to stay and not going to leave them any time soon, and they have learned that we are here for them. It has been nice getting to develop our relationships a little more deeply, as we are learning the best ways for us to be help to the kids.

Although it took quite some time, we finally got (almost) all the kids together for a group picture. Rather than trying to name them all and have you try figure out who is who, we are just going to make sure to include a variety of individual kids in our posts


This is a picture taken while we were waiting for all the others to be rounded up for a group picture. It will be easier to name these kids. To my right is Elvis (5th grade), with his arm around me is Kelvin (7th grade), saluting is Simon (7th grade), the boys kneeling are, from the left, Boyd (5th grade), Gift (5th grade), Martin (1st grade), Allan (he is a day student in 1st grade).


  1. Yay! I love it to hear that the kids are warming up to you guys. It's such a wonderful feeling when they touch your hearts and you touch theirs. You guys are family for sure and they will always remember you and the wonderful things you did for them. :)

  2. Thank you both so much for loving these children. We can hardly wait for your next bloggs to see more pictures. The video was great. Tell all the kids hi from Auntie Rhonda and Uncle Mike. We love you.