Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Aprons!

This may not sound like a big deal to any of you - but it sure is to these women! Uniforms are a sign of being employed, and having a good job. These women have been pushing for full uniforms for longer than I have been here. Talking with the women made me realize that they want to have a way to keep their clothes clean while working, and also look nice. Together we decided that rather than full uniforms now we would start with matching aprons. I bought the fabric, and one of the women (Tabitha) sewed them into these aprons and hair wraps, they are SO happy!
In this picture left to right standing - Catherine, Faides, Tabitha, Chuma, and Precious (coordinator), sitting in front Helen S. and Helen M. These women are the cooks and cleaners here - feeding 48 kids plus all the day students (200+) is a hard job - remember, they are doing the majority of the cooking over an open fire! I really enjoy these women - I feel so lucky that these are the women I get to work with.


  1. Yeah Katie!!!! Now you probably figured out why your grandmas and mom has/had a few of those around! Tegan and Tayte have their supply here, I always got to wear grandma's when there, I have my stash of HER aprons 'when she went home'. Something to cherish as well as stay clean (my look nice is not part of it!) At my house with neices and nephews, they moved from baby/toddler bibs to the cooking aprons. They still (as adults) point out their favorite ones that hang on the hook for T & T. The stories they could tell!!!
    Hugs from Noklebys

  2. It's the little things that bring people joy. Good for you for recognizing the honor of providing the aprons and head wraps. They look really nice. Great creative solution. I can't believe how behind I've gotten with reading your blog since Grandma died.... suddenly I got behind in everything. I just got caught up reading. Enjoy the cooler temperatures and the edible bugs. (Yuck). The hog roast sounds MUCH more appetizing!