Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Zambian Summer!

While the United States is gearing up for winter, in Zambia we are in the middle of a HOT summer! At first I thought it was just me (being from Minnesota and all) that couldn't handle the heat, but it isn't. Everyone is doing whatever they can to stay cool....I thought this was pretty funny. This is Gadrose using a fan that Sara and Sam left from their visit. BUT - this isn't an ordinary fan, it sprays water. The kids love coming over and spraying themselves - it is so funny to watch! Gadrose has nicknamed this fan Mr. Manzi (which means Mr. Water).


  1. Well, we are 'celebrating' an Indian summer a little late. Got up to 65 degrees today, it is down to 34 at 11:30 pm. I have been checking to make sure garden stuff has not restarted. My herbs have begun again, so fresh parsley in NOV is great! Sandbox put away, bikes/trikes, scooter, skates, too. Sort of a boring yard with a BB hoop and a skate board.
    The testosterone gang went to Millaca area to do deer hunting. Marc texted that it was too hot up there to hunt too. Yes, they had their snow and cold weather gear packed, when shirt sleeves and orange vest would have been close. 3 years ago this deer season it was 80, and they WERE in tshirts/blaze vests. Anyway, Tegan/Tayte/me enjoyed windows open, fans on, played outside, took walks. SUN SET and it got cold FAST. They guys up north? Last text before going to bed--they still had nothing. Well, Adam uses what they get year round as 'real food in the freezer'. The rest like a taste. He got alot of squash I put up too. Deer and squash? Good mix.
    Try and stay cool!

  2. Thank you for this post, it is a beautiful and heart warming story. I remember having these similar feelings when I would ride my trikes as a kid. Thank you again, I really enjoyed it.