Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tests, tests, and more tests!

This past week was a very important week for our seventh graders - they had tests! These tests will determine if they are able to go on to eighth grade or not, a very big step. These tests could be considered the equivalent to our ACTs...the results will determine what school will accept them.

We have 11 kids from our Centre, 16 total from our school who took the tests. Now that the tests are complete they have to wait to find out their results - I think waiting will be the worst part!
The ones who pass will leave our Centre and move on to Secondary school - we have two houses there - one for our boys and one for our girls.

Now that the kids have finished testing many of them have set off to be with their relatives for this extended break, it was hard to say goodbye this time, once they are at Secondary we only see them once a week, we are used to seeing them ALL THE TIME! The kids are sad too, but we are all excited for the big next step!

You get to enjoy a little but of my computer art - we didn't remember to get a group picture - sorry!


  1. Katie and Curtis, that feeling of sending your 'kids' off to the secondary school is the same feeling your moms (and dads) also had when they sent you off to college. To get to this point in less than a year, skipping the diaper and toddler years! You just say and do the same as your parents did you you each weekend you were home, hug them a little tighter, tell them you love them, send them on their way!! You two have grown so much since you left Minnesota. It is amazing what you can do with God guiding you. Your fears are defeated and accomplishments abound! We love you both! Noklebys in the Good Ol USA.

  2. I've watched these kids grow up and am so proud of them. The next big hurdle is getting sponsors for them and housing! Give them 2 thumbs up from me plus hugs and kisses to everyone else, Love Auntie Debra