Thursday, November 12, 2009

A small treat!

At last the end of the hot season is over as the rains have started kicking in pretty regularly. This brings a lot of change to life here. Most importantly the temperature has cooled down considerably, which makes just about everything a little nicer. One of the changes that comes along with this change of seasons that is not so pleasant is the massive amount of insects that have started infiltrating our house at night. Some of these insects are pretty interesting with bright shiny colors, others are so big we could put a leash on them and keep them as pets. There is a certain type of insect here that just about everyone (not Katie and me so much) is excited about is an insect called Inswa. They are the size of a small cricket with wings and come in the thousands. At night they swarm and just about cover the house (because of the light on the outside) and everyone scrapes them off into buckets to save, and to eat. Apparently the fry it and it is suppose to taste like chicken, but they haven’t offered us any yet.

Here is a picture of Catherine (2nd grade) holding a bowl of her recent catch. She was so proud!


  1. Oh my! You guys sure are brave for eating bugs! I can't even handle it when they are around. I have a serious bug phobia! You'll have to let us know if they really do taste like chicken! :)

  2. Katie, I don't have a recipe for anything like that is my cookbooks! Have to ask Marc about those interesting things he eats when he goes to Seoul. Sort of along that line. Some things you eat and prefer not to know the name, or origin!
    And to think people think us Norskes are funny when we get excited over Lutefisk!
    Joyce and the rest!

  3. Yummy! Can't wait to hear if you tasted them. If the kids get that excited about them they must taste pretty good! You both are our heros :)
    We love you
    mom and dad K

  4. Your post reminds me of a missionary I heard once who, when faced with the 'honor' of consuming a spider delicacy, prayed, "Oh Lord, I'm willing to eat this all up, if you're willing to keep this all down!" Blessings to both of you as you consider sharing this treat in solidarity with your staff and children!