Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Garden

Well, as the kids say: "It's God's turn to water the garden"...and that is SO true. Curtis and I have been talking about having our own garden since before we came. Finally, the time seemed right, so we planted green peppers, spinach, and broccoli. Of course all the kids wanted to help. Once we got this much in the ground we realized we had a lot more space for more; we are thinking strawberries for sure, and I don't know what else! Any suggestions? The first picture is me with Catherine, I tell Curtis that Catherine is my name-sake, and hopefully someday will be my prodigy . She loves shadowing anything and everything I do. She is very content to do anything, as long as she is with me...

We also planted some flowers by our door. Here is Curtis putting a small brick fence around our flowers, I am still worried the kids are going to trample them - but I hope not! They are a really beautiful flower that I had not seen before. The name sounds something like Salvia, but I don't remember exactly :)

And finally, this is Layson. He is always around to help however he is needed. Some of you my remember Layson stayed with us for the last holiday. This term Curtis and I have both seen Layson blossom so much - I think he has really connected with us and that has helped his self-confidence infinitely! At the end of 2nd term we weren't positive he would be able to pass 5th grade, but now at the end of 3rd term (closing party tomorrow) we just learned that he got 6th place in his class! Way to go Layson!


  1. Beautiful! I love plants too. It's fun to take care of them and then eat them because they are so fresh! Can't wait to hear how they turn out.

  2. If you could add green, lima, roma, yellow-wax beans of any variety. They will continue to bloom and grow as long as you pick them. And they can be eaten raw or cooked. How about carrots? Onions?
    I am SOOOO getting anxious to get back in my garden, with our Indian summer that arrived in Nov, my herbs started up again so had nice chives and parsley, oregano. That would be an idea to do. They will continue to grow as you keep picking too.
    Hugs, Gardner Joyce

  3. Wonderful pictures of both you and Curtis! I'm so glad you put some up of you two as well as the children again. The garden looks like it's off to a great start. Nothing beats fresh produce. Yum! I second Joyce's suggestion - beans are easy to grow. What about some sort of zuchini? You can't hurt them - and they're so prolific! If you have a spot that is a little more dry, you could try some herbs as well. Fresh basil is my favorite. It's good in everything. Salvia is probably the right name. It looks like salvia! Flowers are a lovely addition. Love to you both as you enjoy some time with the children on break.

  4. Hi Katie and Curtis... (Kadee's mom in CO) It is so awesome what you are doing there... my first graders are getting ready for the winter break... we are studying Christmas holidays around the world. It is so cold here right now that we have inside recess... miss my garden. I think your kids would enjoy sweet corn.... we had watermelon...but the season wasn't long enough for them to get big here... Carrots and green beans are easy to grow. Lettuces don't like heat...they need a shady area. Your strawberries will grow each year. Tomatoes are fun too... think of all the veggies kids like to eat. Not sure if they would know what pumpkins would be...???? Will you get to come to CO for a visit this year? My email at school is if your kids want to talk to kids at our elementary school...Take care and keep up the GREAT WORK. :)Sheila