Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Vacation

So many people have asked us what we are doing for Christmas, we are staying in Zambia...we made a commitment a long time ago that we would spend Christmas with whatever kids were at Upeme for the Holiday. So we decided to celebrate Christmas ourselves a little early - Curtis and I took 4 nights away to celebrate Christmas and refresh ourselves for the next year, it was wonderful and just what we needed :) We pampered ourselves, went swimming, exchanged Christmas presents, and opened some from our families. Thank you! {I bet some of you are wishing you could enjoy Christmas in swimsuits!}


  1. Merry Christmas and may God continue to hold you in His embrace! He brings our hugs and love to both!

  2. I definitely wish I was celebrating Christmas in swimsuits! :) That picture of Curtis laying down is funny. Haha.

  3. Wish dad and I and your sisters could celebrate Christmas with you. It'll be a very different celebration this year without you and Curtis or Grandma here. You will all be missed. "Love and joy come to you!" May the peace and presence of Christ be with you. Love always, Mom Andert