Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome back!

A group photo: hugging CUrtis is Precious, in the teal shirt is Ng'andu (they are sisters) and in the red shirt Bertha (also with extensions)

The kids are back from the break and everyone is gearing up for this term! So many of the girls came back with their hair done very nicely (extensions), and of course, wanted me to take pictures of them. They are all smiles and hugs - even though I know it will be exhausting with all the kids and my break is officially over, I am SO glad to have all the buzz and chatter and joy that these kids are some of the pictures.

this is Wendy, with her hair like this she reminds me of a cute little Cabbage-Patch doll.

Irene is in the back with the white shirt, in front of her is Rebecca, and next to Irene in the blue shirt is Natasha (she is a day student)


  1. Love the pictures! It always fun to get back into the swing of things! :)

  2. Spoken like a loving parent! :)