Sunday, September 27, 2009


We never have a dull moment! Someone asked me what we do when our kids get in trouble - what is a punishment...well, usually we have them water the garden. The other day, however, one of the older boys pushed my buttons too many times. We have field that a few years ago they grew maize in, and it was never cleaned well. It is right in the middle of the property and it doesn't look nice. I had one of the boys clean it up (he didn't do that good of a job, but enough that I was satisfied with his punishment). The other boys thought this was a great opportunity to clear just a little more and make a little stunt jump! These boys are talented! The would run, jump off the cement blocks and over the stick and do a flip! In the first picture Nelson and Precious are holding the stick and Simon is flipping. Second picture Nelson and Simon are holding the stick and Peter is jumping. Last is a video, it is only 12 seconds, and very worth your while - enjoy! Peter jumps first, and the Frank second....they are jumping over Simon :)


  1. Hi Katie and Curtis! You don't know me, but our parents are good friends -- y mom and dad are Phyllis and LeRoy Meyer from DeGraff, formerly of Our Redeemers in Benson. I just wanted to leave you a little note today to let you know how much I enjoy following your blogs. You are doing amazing things there, touching lives and creating more good than you'll likely ever know. Thank you!

  2. And to think I held my breath watching your little sister do stunts like that with a trampoline and mats! A much softer landing if there was an 'oops'! You have talented children, to be sure! Thanks for posting the pictures and the video. Fun to watch.