Friday, September 4, 2009

Creative stuff!

Wrapping up the fun from our break: Namakau (in the brown skirt)and Mary spending some time beading. It was really fun. I am planning to start and arts & crafts club next term so I am gathering supplies including beads. The girls saw the beads and of course wanted to each make something – so I let them. They had so much fun, and were so cute!

Then, as we were finishing Nelson came in to give us a present: a clay elephant he made! Nelson is amazingly crafty! In the past he has made clay trucks, melted metal scraps he finds and makes other stuff as well. I think he was so pleased that we like his elephant that we might have a whole zoo coming; he has since brought us a giraffe and horse. I don’t have pictures of them yet, but we have them all saved and proudly displayed. When he saw the girls beading he joined in also.


  1. Hi, with all YOUR beads your mom shared with Tegan and Tayte, we feel guilty having them here, rather than there with you. It is hard to believe that with WHAT you don't have there, you can find still the childhood comforts you share with your children.
    School starts here on Tuesday, will get on task with chores put off all summer to 'be with the girls'. It was warm today and Tayte asked if we could go to the pool. Sorry, sweetie--not till next summer! What are the things you miss the most (besides the hugs and touching contact with those of US you left back here in the states?) We think of you intensely when we enjoy things here that we know you don't have there.
    Hugs from all of us.

  2. Looks like fun! Boy, little Nelson is quite talented in many areas. He is lucky to have you guys there to encourage him. They all are lucky! Good Luck with the new term!
    mom and dad Kline

  3. Just this morning I went to an adult education class on Prayer Beads! I'll see if I can email you the directions, as it would give you something of meaning to bead, and it's a memory aid for the 23rd Psalm. It was a very interesting class. I'm going to be shopping for beads to make my own set of prayer beads in 2 weeks. I'll see if it's appropriate to ask some questions at the shops about possible donations. What size are you hoping to use with the kids?