Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lions Club Donations

Yesterday, we had some visitors from the Lions Club come out to see us again (some of you may remember a few months ago they donate A TON of stuff). They brought with them quite a bit of donations which included fresh fish, clothes, all kinds of snacks and drinks for an opening school celebration, sugar, salt, cooking oil, bath soap, and laundry soap, and much more. About twelve members from the Lions Club came out to present all of this stuff to Upeme. It is really great for the kids, the staff, and everyone to see that there are people in Lusaka who remember we are out here and think about us. The kids sang a few thank you songs, and just before the Lions Club members were getting ready to leave sang a goodbye song. We are very thankful for the Lions Club to be coming out here to bring their donations. They told us this time when they were out, that we are "their project" meaning we might be able to start expeecting donations from them! Very exciting!

1 comment:

  1. Lion's Club is such a great organization. So great that they are making Upeme their project.
    Good Job!
    Love mom and dad k