Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Highlights

Around New Years is a good time to remember all the events from the past year. This past year has been full of so many new experiences for Curtis and I!

Some of the highlights were visiting with both of our families before we came here. We took a few weeks to make sure we got to see everyone we wanted before we came. I think tha

t is the hardest part of being here is missing the ones we love the most!

With my family (Katie's) we just took a vacation together and relaxed and hung out...

With Curtis' family we spent a few days in Denver visiting his friends and his brother Cole, wife Kadee and their daughter Cameron.

(Curtis and Cameron taking a nap together - so sweet!)

After we left Denver we went to Grand Junction and spent some time with Curtis' parents Ed and Bobbi...Grand Junction.

(Curtis, Bobbi and Ed - enjoying the beauty of Grand Junction)

When we came to Zambia in late April we were given a truly warm welcome – including signing, dancing, and even a special sign. That is a day I am sure neither of us will forget in a long time.

Since we have been here we have enjoyed watching the kids grow more comfortable with us, play, and really become like a family here.

We have enjoyed developing special relationships with the kids!

Curtis and Namakau

Lydia, Bertha, Precious, Mary, Catherine playing in the sand.

We also enjoyed Curtis’ cousin Sara and her husband Sam come and spend some time at Upeme, and then a wonderful trip to Victoria Falls and a safari.

In some ways it is so hard to believe we have been here for 8 months, and other ways it seems like we have been here for years! This has been a really wonderful past year for us, and we are wishing everyone a happy 2010!

All of us at Upeme!

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  1. Wow! You guys did have a busy year. Although we miss you guys very much, we can see by the children's faces that they are happy to have you there. They are lucky little children. We are so proud of what you have done there, and can't wait to see it all in person!!!
    We love you both lots!
    mom and dad k