Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to School!

This seems to be the busiest time of the year. Zambian schools operate with the calendar year rather than the way American schools do. So, December marked the end of the school year, and now January the start of a new year! This means all the 7th graders who took their exams back in November, are now in Secondary (they all passed) School. This is a new school for them. To prepare for this Curtis and I needed to buy each of them a uniform (public schools all have mandatory uniforms), school supplies, and so much more to prepare. We spent a all morning at the Zambia version of Wal-Mart or Target, now let me explain: This place is called city market, it is the cheapest place to shop in all of Lusaka, but you have to negotiate HARD for the prices, and you don't get carts like at Wal-Mart or Target. City Market is a little of everything, including open-meat market, uniforms, clothes, shoes, food stalls, dried food, basically everything you can imagine, but not the best place for white shoppers (good targets for mobbings). But thankfully, Curtis and I made it in and out of there, in about 4 hours with (hopefully) all the supplies our new secondaries will need!
This is a picture of Esther trying to figure out how to tie her tie :) Their uniforms consist of A navy blue skirt or trousers for boys, light blue shirts, navy blue ties, and then a navy blue sweater on top. The girls then wear long white stockings, and the boys gray stockings. They kids were all so proud of their new uniforms.


  1. WOW, I'm so proud of all of them to have passed their exams! Please give them each a high five for me. Will they all be going to Moomba? Where will they be staying since the 2 houses are so small? Keep me posted. Debra

  2. Wow, just like the last days of summer here when all scramble to the school sales for the supplies. Do they each get just 1 uniform? Think of that here, who would be able to keep it nice enough for the year, who would outgrow theirs and HEY MOM! My pants is too tight!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog from a random search online. My family is considering moving to Zambia in the Fall with LifeSong for Orphans. They have a school near Kitwe. I realize you are in Lusaka, but thought it would be neat to make a connection with others who are serving in Zambia! The work you are doing looks amazing!