Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

October 24th marks Independence Day for Zambia (45 years). On Friday the school that is our closest neighbor invited us to have a joint celebration. Both our kids and their kids worked really hard to put together some performances which included songs, dances, poems, and skits. It was a great day of celebration, and all the kids had a lot of fun.

Above: a mix of kids from our school as well as the Centre. They are dancing a Traditional Dance.

This was one of the skits (or sketches as they call it) about when the Europeans came to Zambia to take slaves. With his back to you (no shirt) was one of the day students acting as a Chief. Talking to him in the white shirt is Jospeh, next to him in the blue shirt is Samuel, next to him in the pink shirt is Longo - a day student, next to her in the red shirt Shelly, next to her in the peach shirt is Skalela - a day student, behind her in the red is Pamela.

This was one of the last was called "Talking Viruses". This was about HIV/AIDS. left to right - Kelvin, Winford, Frank. I maintain they just did this skit so they could run around in their underwear! They painted their bodies with ash to look like viruses. Pretty creative!


  1. A lovely tribute, Sweetheart. You were missed here, but being in Zambia is where your calling is right now. Grandma was so very proud of you. I just finished reading her diary from the last year, and there are SO many references to the visits, phone calls, and interactions of all kinds that she cherished and anticipated with joy with you and your sisters, as well as the rest of our family and Rob's. I will miss my prayer warrior mom. Already today I started to reach for the phone to make my Sunday phone call to her. The peace of God surround and fill you in your grief. I love you!

  2. Thanks for sharing. The pictures are wonderful! Sounds like it was a great celebration. I would love to see the kids doing their traditional dances and skits.